Jessica England, Toronto Real Estate Agent

Jessica England

Toronto Real Estate Agent

Why Choose Me?

When deciding which real estate agent to go with, I feel that it’s important for agents
and their clients to identify with one another. Being able to communicate and
understand each other is half the battle, so lets start off with my background to give
you a better idea of where I come from and what my intentions are.

I am originally from London, Ontario. I came to Toronto to obtain my undergraduate
degree from the University of Toronto. In 2005 I graduated with a Specialist Degree
in History and a Minor Degree in Political Science. Upon graduation, I put my UofT
degree to work immediately and was hired by the National Hockey League as one of
the first employees after the 2004-2005 Season Lock-Out.

My time spent at the NHL was devoted to working with player personnel on contracts
through Salary Arbitration and the rules of the Collecting Bargaining Agreement. As
such, I became familiar with the art of negotiation and I believe that this experience
prepared me for the obstacles that require added creativity when collaborating within
the world of real estate. Part of the strength that comes from an agent is their ability
to negotiate on behalf of their clients while holding their best interests at heart. As
such, my client’s peace of mind remains the focus of every real estate transaction
that I’m a part of.

But Why Real Estate?

As much as I loved working at the NHL, I knew I had a different calling that I had to
pursue. Without question, my career change was motivated by my love for unique
homes available within the City of Toronto. I’ve always had a passion for the different
types of architecture throughout the city as well as interior design. Thus, I obtained
my real estate licence and started a career where I was able to pursue both of those

I came to realize that I loved finding properties not only for my clients, but also for
myself! Since moving to the city over 17 years ago, I’ve found my personal living
style to have constantly evolved. From student to young professional to now mother
of two, I’ve had the opportunity to study, live and work in a variety of areas around
the city such as The Annex, Little Italy, Yorkville, The Entertainment District,
Summerhill, Riverdale and now Rosedale. My knowledge of these neighbourhoods
from both a personal and professional standpoint enables a unique perspective that
I’m able to share with my clients.

I also have an extensive background in home renovation. In 2014 my husband and I
bought our now home in Rosedale. We embarked on an 8-month renovation that
turned into a 16-month ordeal. We faced a number of obstacles during that process,
but the knowledge that I gained during that time has armed me with a variety of
resources that I’m now able to pass along to my clients. Renovating your home is
not for the faint of heart, I’ll tell you that, but despite our challenges, my husband and
I love our home and I know that we aren’t adverse to future projects down the road.
On a more personal level, I am a mother of two human babies and one fur baby! I
do my best to be a huge part of their lives and volunteer whenever I can with both
their schools and extra curricular activities. As a family, we are loving that we can
now golf and ski together! I am also a huge fan of the Jays, Raptors and the Leafs!
Just look for me in the park while walking my dog and you’ll usually find me in some
sort of Toronto Team gear!

Through my personal and professional experience, I understand that choosing a
home is in fact the biggest decision that most of us will make and that it requires a
great deal of patience and the right balance of current and future needs. I make sure
that my clients weigh all of their options accordingly and promote open and honest
communication. Buying or selling your home can be stressful, but I strive to make
the transition as smooth as possible with every deal I work on.