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Home inspectors have faced some tough opposition from prospective home buyers as a result of TV shows like Holmes on Homes. I’ve had clients comment negatively on the involvement of a home inspector as a result of watching these shows. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, here’s mine: when purchasing a home with me, I will always ask you to conduct a home inspection or review the pre-home inspection prepared by the sellers if the situation warrants such an approach.

Although it’s true that a home inspector can’t look at everything in a home, and that they definitely don’t have all the answers, what they do have are the tools to review an extensive amount of the home. They have the ability to determine deficiencies in the furnace, roof, foundation, etc, and will make you aware of how to approach any maintenance or replacement they deem necessary. As an agent, I’ve learned how to spot potential problems in a home, but I always rely on the advice of a home inspector to accurately inform my clients. Send me a message to learn more about my experience with home inspectors and how they can make your move easier.

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